Ana Luna, Private Driver

Private Driver - Buenos Aires

Pampa Tour

Right in the center of the humid pampa, on the banks of the Areco stream, bordered by a lovely riverside promenade, there stands one of the most ancient and traditional settlements of the province of Buenos Aires: San Antonio de Areco. Located 113 km away from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, this picturesque town is the best to convey the charm of gaucho life and customs. Founded under the protection of a chapel inaugurated by don José Ruiz de Arellano in 1730, it has had the wisdom to maintain the singular architectural lines of the colonial and renaissance buildings of the XIX century, in spite of the passing of time.

We will spend several hours in the city, so you can have a look into our history, visiting the Parque Criollo and Ricardo Güiraldes Museum, and the traditional arts & crafts.

Full day.

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