Ana Luna, Private Driver

Private Driver - Buenos Aires

A visit to the Estancia of Don Silvano

During this tour we will visit the estancia, traditional Argentinian ranch, of Don Silvano.
The estancia is located 87 km outside of Buenos Aires in the Pampa, and is still in operation as an authentical Argentinian cattle farm.

The visit includes a traditional lunch (parillada) in one of the converted stables. During the lunch there will be a show with traditional Argentinian dance and music, including the tango. After the lunch there is time to walk around the grounds and to watch the shows on the ranch, do some horseback riding, vistit the small museum and main house, or just enjoy the scenery.

The following shows are daily on the estancia:

  • Traditional Gaucho skills
  • Show of Creole skills, like ring-races and horse handling.
  • Folkloric show of song and dance, including tango and malambo (using the boleadoras).

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5 hours
Including Pampa: Full day

It is possible to extend this tour with a short visit to San Antonio de Areco. See here for more information about this town. Contact us for more information about this option.

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